Banji Boys - “Love Thang (Catwalk Mix)” [1993]


Swedish Vogue, 2012


Swedish Vogue, 2012


Popcorn Productions - “Ballas Country” [2012]

Rizzla - “Church” [2012]

Awesome new free release from Rizzla on Fade To Mind today (FADEOB002)!!!

There’s an [obligatory] HA track on it as well as a couple other bangers, def worth a DL

NGUZUNGUZU - “Kenzo FW12” [2012]

Nguzu sampling “The Ha Dance”?

Matthew Enderlin (a.k.a. Fantasy Thrilla) offers a refreshing taste of both new and old with the debut to Ballroom Warriors’ mix series. Thrilla weaves in and out of the sensible ballroom sound of the early to-mid-nineties while showing a propensity towards contemporary vogue bass, mixing together samples from artists such as Kevin Jz Prodigy and Dubbel Dutch as well as MikeQ, Kingdom, Lil Silva and others. Masterful original production ties the entire package together for what results in an unforgettable dance floor experience.


Tom Moody - “Bass Twelve” [2009]

Miss Nicky Trax - “Baby It’s Allright Now” [1990]

Carl Craig - “Sandstorms” [2006]

Gremino - “Let’s Jack” [2012]